Owners Corporation Audit

Prescribed Owners Corporations are required to audit their financial accounts every year.

Even if your owners corporation is not a prescribed owners corporation, an audit of the financial statements provides peace of mind & assurance to the owners and managers of the strata corporation on the financial management of the strata corporation.

Whether your owners corporation is managed by the owners or by professional Body Corporate Management firms, there are many benefits for having financial accounts examined by independent auditors.

As associate members of Strata Community Australia (SCA) who have met the strict requirements for SCA membership, you can be assured that our work is of high quality and standard.

Benefits of An Audit

These benefits can include the:

  • obtaining of an independent, expert opinion regarding the truth & fairness of the financial statements
  • detection of any errors
  • ensuring compliance with accounting principles & standards
  • detection & prevention of any fraudulent activity

What We Require You to Provide

In order to complete an effective and efficient audit, the following are required:

  • General Ledger or access to accounting software used
  • Income & Expenditure Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Invoices for revenue earned during the financial year being audited
  • Invoices/receipts for expenses paid during the financial year being audited
  • Bank statements during the course of the financial year being audited
  • Insurance statement for the property being audited
  • Minutes of all meetings held during the financial year being audited
  • Approved budgets for the financial year being audited


From $800 per audit report (GST exclusive)


Owners Corporations Act 2006

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